Therma is a temporary-use medical device, suitable for the application of therapeutic treatments diathermy capacitive and resistive energy transfer of musculoskeletal injuries (contractures, sprains and strains, tendonitis, synovitis and bursitis) and osteo-articular pathologies, in an outpatient setting by qualified personnel in physical therapy.

Therma is a new device for the treatment capacitive and resistive thermal noninvasive capable of generating, with the best efficacy and pain, hyperemia endogenous and stimulate the blood circulation in all the different cell layers to the lymphatic drainage. It has anti-inflammatory effects and results in an improvement of blood circulation and a significant reduction in pain.

It stimulates a reaction of the natural and physiological body adequately to the specific athology, and accelerates the healing process. Thanks to special applicators is able to provide the right amount of energy in the cell layers of interest.

The therapeutic treatment thermal resistive and capacitive is the most recent and effective approach between diathermy treatments for all professionals who are looking for something more than a traditional diathermy unit (microwave or shortwave).

Therma is the technological and therapeutic evolution that provides the versatility, effectiveness, therapeutic benefits that are difficult to reach with conventional devices for diathermy. The treatment is similar to a massage during which you can provide energy to the patient that feels immediately a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Maximum power 150W / 250VA
Working frequency 500 kHz / 1 MHz
operating mode Resistive / Capacitive
Power 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 300 VA

• Wide range of preset protocols
• Custom Programs
• capacitive mode for drainage and de-contracting with greater thermal effect
• resistive mode for biological stimulation with minimal thermal effect
• Handpiece with 3 working configurations